Keep Change Orders from Becoming Claims

Does this story sound familiar? A contractor is behind schedule on a project. The owner is pressuring the general contractor (GC) to complete the job on time. The GC is pressuring the [...]

Watch: Why Organizations Must Have a Data Destruction Policy

Highlights of the August 23, 2023 edition of the HBK Risk Advisory Services monthly webinar series hosted by William J. Heaven, CPA/CITP, CISA, CSCP, Senior Director, HBK Risk Advisory Services, [...]

Be Prepared and Proactive to Manage Potential Banking Challenges

Financial stability and effective banking relationships are crucial for the success of any construction company. Cash flow can be a never-ending issue. For many contractors, their lines of credit [...]

The AI Era: Who Will Fill the Labor Gaps?

With projected labor shortages of 2.1 million by 2030 and the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Industrial Robotics is expected to increase by nearly 14 percent by the end of 2023. But the [...]

Construction Companies Need to Use Budgets as a Financial Road Map

In the dynamic and competitive construction industry, financial management plays a pivotal role in companies’ success and sustainability. One crucial tool is a financial budget. Developing and [...]

Internal Controls in Manufacturing

In accounting terms, internal controls are the process of having a reliable and efficient process to report accurate financial information. However, internal controls are more than that for many [...]

Donor Data: A Complex Issue

Is donor information disclosure required? It’s important to know if your organization might need to disclose donor information. Some organizations are required to file a Schedule B with their [...]