What We Do

Our Hands-On Approach • Our Local & Global Outlook

We’re a full-service tax, accounting, and consulting firm, providing all the services you need from your CPA firm.

But it’s not just what we do that stands us apart, it’s how we do it.

Our approach is very hands-on. Likely more hands-on than you are used to or what you think of when you think of working with a CPA firm. We go deep with you and become a member of your management team. We’ll know it’s working when we’re the first call you make when faced with a business decision large or small.

What We Do for You

See how our approach to these essentials really works for you.

Business and Individual TaxBusiness & Individual Tax

Taxes aren’t fun, but it’s a critical piece to the puzzle when considering the financial overview of your business.

We provide high-level strategic tax advice for your business and help implement that strategy across the business and down to the individual level.

We’re big on tax planning, checking in throughout the year to be sure we’re on track with our overall tax strategy for your business and you personally. Our firm size allows us to optimize the balance between personal and in-depth client service and staying well ahead of the curve in terms of what’s coming in the ever-changing tax landscape.

We also have a full-service audit department.

Financial Statement Audit & AssuranceAudit & Assurance

Our full-service audit department provides financial statement compilations, reviews, and audits to suit your internal and external reporting requirements.

We also perform a variety of specialized audit and attestation engagements, such as audits of employee benefit plans, Rhode Island Motion Picture Tax Credit audits, and various other assurance engagements and agreed-upon procedures.

But we also add value.

Financial statements are not only for the bank and passive investors. They are tools for growth and planning. We use them year-round to see where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

We also offer business advisory services.

Business AdvisoryBusiness Advisory

This is not the gravy. This is the important stuff.

Tax is a critical piece that can save significant money for you and your business. An audit is a necessary function of financing. It is what we do for you throughout the year that will have its greatest impact.

Your growth is our growth. We are invested and interested in growing your business, and our approach is to know everything we can know about what you do so that we can help you to maximize your own opportunities. Sometimes that is revenue consultation, and sometimes it is a focus on your margins or reducing overhead expenses. Sometimes it is advice and guidance on expanding your footprint by acquiring a key customer or supplier. And sometimes it is a venture into an unrelated industry with you.

We also offer estate and tax planning services.

Estate & Gift Tax PlanningEstate & Gift Tax Planning

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
– The Beatles

Better than Taxman though, right?

Guidance on setting up proper estate and gift planning is key to your big picture. You’ve spent a lifetime earning and accumulating assets, and we’re here to help you plan for what happens when you no longer need them yourself.

Complex or simple trust structuring takes knowledge and creativity, and we put both to work to accomplish your estate goals. We work closely with your estate attorney to protect your family legacy by structuring grantor trusts, spousal trusts, life insurance trusts, family limited partnerships, charitable remainder or charitable lead trusts, and more.

And what’s next for the business? Business succession planning can mean how best to transfer ownership to the next generation, how best to exit the business altogether, or even how to solve interfamily disputes as they arise. Working with family businesses for many years, we’ve seen just about all of it, and we put that experience to work in helping to solve your specific problems.

We also offer wealth planning services.

Personal Wealth PlanningPersonal Wealth Planning

This is why you do it.

We always say that our primary goal in providing our advisory services to your business is to help you to build personal wealth outside of the business. We’ll know we’re successful when you can show up on a Monday morning and have the option to close up shop.

Not that you would close shop, but having that option means you’re freed up to take advantage of the really valuable opportunities that come our way. When it’s no longer your nest egg on the line, we take higher risk for higher reward.

Another thing we always say is, “We’re not impressed with what you make, we’re only impressed with what you keep”.  Otherwise, the business is not working for you.

We’ll get there with you. We work closely with your other investment advisors to make the most of what you have.

We also offer entertainment services.

Entertainment Tax Preparation: Sports, Arts and moreEntertainment

For decades, Weinberg & Co. has been servicing clients in various entertainment industries: actors, directors, writers, bands, world-renown singers and instrumentalists, and professional sports figures. We are well-versed in the characteristics of these entertainment industries and what they mean for cash flow, wealth accumulation, and reporting. We are passionate about this sector of our firm services because we are passionate about the arts and sports. We enjoy doing our part to help these clients stay ahead of the game and do their own best work.

For our entertainment industry clients, we offer a full range of services including business management, individual and business tax return preparation, tax planning, business and strategic planning, financial statement preparation, planning and consulting. We strive to take the stress and uncertainty out of the picture, so our clients can focus on what they do best.

We’re Local & Global

We are based in Rhode Island, but service clients across the US and around the world.

Why Rhode Island? Spend some time here and it’s not a question you’ll likely ask again. It has great natural beauty, unparalleled quality of life and a business community with a rich manufacturing history and entrepreneurial spirit. Little Rhody represents what we love about business: good people rowing in the same direction can achieve great things.

But our clients and our work extend well beyond New England. We have clients in nearly every state, with heavy concentrations in California, New York, and Florida.

Of course, business is global, and so are we. Leveraging technology allows us to service clients across the globe every bit as well as our local clients.

We’ve had a second office in Hong Kong for many years, so that we can closely serve our clients there and on mainland China. Our Hong Kong office is managed by George Lee, former manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong. We also help our clients pursue other opportunities abroad, including work in parts of Europe, Asia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and others.